Carpooling made easy


Who is this for?


Every parent is busy and sometimes you don’t know how you will be able to make it through the week.

We love that our kids are participating in sports and other activities but it can put a real strain on the schedule. It’s impossible to be two places at once, or cook dinner while you are ferrying kids around.

Parachuute wants to make it easy for parents to work together to share the load. Think of it as your parent community helper. 


What is Parachuute?

A carpooling app that’s free to download and enables to you choose who is in your trusted network by selecting the people you trust from your phone list.

Share the load by offering spare seats on trips you are taking, or broadcast requests for help when you need it most. 


Why is it better? 



You choose who to add into your trusted network. These are people you know & trust whose kids will also be going to the same location - not strangers!


It takes just 20 seconds to request a lift. Once it's accepted the app takes care of the rest including reminders, location info & navigation.



Share the load: parents exchange points for favours. Points have a value & you can purchase additional points if you need to top-up.



Enjoy your free time or bask in the good karma of knowing you have helped out!


So why Parachuute?

Parachuute has been developed Maggie Scott, the Melbourne mum of two kids who are now in high school.

Her goal is to give parents the gift of time, and to reduce some of the stress of family life.


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