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What users are saying about car-pooling with Parachuute

“I wish this had come sooner. I love that my son is doing rowing but I don’t love the early training drop off. Sharing that pain is a great idea!”
— Dad of 2, St Kilda
“I love the Parachuute idea. I always feel guilty asking for people to drive my kids around and worry that I won’t be able to reciprocate fairly. The model works really well for me because it helps me fill up my 7-seater easily when I am able to drive”
— Mum of 4, Caulfield
“Can we do that thing again mum with the team? It was so much fun doing car karaoke when you took everyone to badminton”
— 12yo badminton enthusiast, Elwood
“We liked that Mum stayed for all of NetSetGo instead of going to the start of our brothers’ basketball game”
— 7yo & 9yo Netballers, Hawthorn

How it works...

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Easy to ask for help

Enter your trip requests or spare seat offers into the Parachuute app
Send to relevant people in your trusted network (e.g. parents from your kid’s basketball team)

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Help when it suits you

Accept the requests that are convenient to you
Let the Parachuute app take care of the rest (notifications, reminders, confirmation)

Be rewarded for helping

Receive credits for helping parents in your network
• Use credits on trip requests or donate to our affiliated charities