So why Parachuute?


Parachuute has been developed Maggie Scott, the Melbourne mum of two kids who are now in high school.

Her goal is to give parents the gift of time, and to reduce some of the stress of family life.

As a working mum juggling career and family she was constantly frustrated by how difficult it was to manage her kid's logistics. Rushing back from work to get kids to after school activities, whilst somehow managing dinner and other things left her feeling strung out and like she wasn't doing anything well. She noticed that many other parents were in the same situation, but despite this, car-pooling often wasn't happening and she was curious to know why. 

She found part of the reason people don't do more car-pooling was to do with perceptions of it being awkward to ask, or not wanting to feel indebted to others. Other reasons were more practical and included that it's just hard and inefficient to organise using email and texts one-to-one.

Parachuute came about as a solution to this very real problem. It leverages parents personal networks, technology and goodwill, to reduce the stress on parents and enable kids to participate in the things they want to do.