So Why Parachuute?

Parachuute has been developed by two Melbourne mums, Maggie Scott and Mel Higgins. Their goal is to empower busy parents and bring some calm to family life.

As parents juggling work and family we were surprised and frustrated by how difficult it was to manage our kids' logistics. Getting kids to school and back and then to sports/social/other activities takes a lot of time and we observed how little car-pooling happened.

We found part of the reason people don't do more car-pooling was to do with perceptions of it being awkward to ask or not wanting to feel indebted to others when it would be hard to directly reciprocate. Other reasons were more practical and included that it's just hard and inefficient to organise using email and texts one-to-one.

Parachuute came about as a solution to this very real problem. It seeks to leverage all the good things (our personal networks, goodwill, technology) to reduce the stress on parents and enable kids to stay social and participate in all the things they are interested in.


Maggie Scott

  • Mum of two doing on average 13 car trips per week, even with car pooling  

  • Answers ‘yes’ to too many things both for her and the kids

  • Strategy consulting experience gained through work in both consulting and in-house strategy roles

Parachuute founder Melanie Higgins.JPG

Mel Higgins

  • Mum of three who lives the dream / struggle of trying to have a career and active participation in family / community

  • Extensive sales, strategy and operational consulting experience  

  • Project management across large scale and complex initiatives