Best card games to play with your kids


We have some travel plans these school holidays and are going to try and get the kids off devices as much as possible while we are away. Card games are part of that strategy. As the kids have got older the types of games they like has changed in line with their skills and ability to understand strategy. Here is a list of some that have been popular when they were younger and more recently.

When they were younger (less than 10):

  • Go Fish

  • Spoons

  • Memory

  • Old Maid

  • Basic solitaire games

  • UNO (in fact they still like to play this)

  • A specific game called Sleeping Queens

Older than 10:

  • Spit

  • Cheat

  • Shithead (I think they like this one mainly for the name)

  • Masters and Slaves (I was taught this one by my husband – it doesn’t seem to be common – something called Presidents and Scum seems to be similar)

  • Poker

  • More complex solitaire games

there are so many types of card games out there - these are the ones I can remember playing, plus sort of remember the rules for.  The best site I found to help is - they also have a free app you can download that contains rules for different games and lets you filter by age, numbers of players etc

Good luck if you care about winning – I am now officially the worst at cards in my family but love it when we play.