When Father's Day is an annual performance review

We don’t do anything special for Fathers or Mother’s day beyond a sleep in and maybe a nicely cooked meal. My daughter however, has swallowed the Kool-aid of special day celebrations and was upset that she would be away on camp for Father’s Day. Last minute improvisation on her part – a re-gifting of a pack of chocolates and some Post-it notes – made this great summary of why she has a great dad.

I love it – a combination of loving the boring things as well as the special stuff and some improvement suggestions along the line of an annual fathering performance review.

Reasons you’re a great dad:

  • You deal with my packing dramas (there had been a meltdown just prior about everything not fitting in the bag)

  • You plan all the holidays

  • You love adventures

  • You buy me food

  • You always have time for me

  • You are enthusiastic about the things I hate (e.g. tests)

  • You watch ‘The 100’ with me even though you don’t know what’s going on

  • You always make me laugh when I’m upset

  • You introduced me to my childhood movies

  • You help me with my homework

  • You don’t make stupid dad jokes

  • You make me smile

Areas for improvement

  • Stop judging me for my overpacking

  • Stop only deciding to watch something based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings

  • Stop booking flights so early in the morning

  • Stop telling me to ‘suck it up princess’

  • Get better at understanding how they teach maths these days