Get rewarded for carpooling

Who is this for?


Every parent is busy.

For some people collecting their kids from school, or taking them to sports training and out of school activities is all part of a days work.

For others it’s a nightmare which involves rushing from meetings to be taxi for the afternoon. Some parents ask others for help but often feel guilty, and can worry about finding a way to reciprocate.

What if there was a better way, that everyone felt it was a fair arrangement?

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What we want to understand

Do parents who drive regularly want to be REWARDED by those who aren’t able to drive?

Would this model encourage people to offer to help and help create a collaborative environment where everyone felt they were winning: the drivers, kids and the parents who aren’t able to drive this time.

 How it would work


Sign up here with some basic details so we know you are keen


No stress - We would reach out to you to understand your schedule and work out when it would suit you to help.


Arrange your carpool - We will work with you to determine who the kids are that you could transport (or just convert people you already carpool with to the reward model)


Parents of kids that you drive pay you a small fee.  

Enjoy your extra cash for helping others with something you were planning on doing any way!

Bask in some good kharma too!


Register as a driver to earn $ doing what you already do!