Making carpooling easy

Who is this for?


Every parent is busy.

We love that our kids are participating in sports and other activities but it can put a real strain on the schedule. It’s impossible to be two places at once, or cook dinner while you are ferrying kids around.

Parachuute wants to make it easy for parents to work together to share the driving. Think of it as your parent carpool community helper. 

To deliver on this vision we are running an experiment to facilitate sharing of lifts amongst the parent from your kids sports team / lesson.  


What we want to understand

We want to understand that if we make it super easy to offer and ask for help then people will share driving more. If we can do this then everyone wins:

  • Kids get to participate in the things they want to do and hang out with their mates before/after in the car

  • Parents don’t have to drive as much (and when they are driving they can eavesdrop on their kids who don’t seem to notice them when there are other kids in the car!)

  • The roads and the environment benefit too

 How it works


Sign up here with some basic details so we know you are keen  


Text message - You will receive a text message asking if your child needs a lift or if you have spare seats to take others


No stress - If you need a lift, relax whilst we sort out arrangements. We will communicate to everyone what’s happening


Enjoy your free time or bask in the good karma of knowing you have helped out!


To participate in our carpooling pilot please provide us some details.

We will use this to match you up with the closest parent to carpool with.
This is for if your child will be collected from school to attend a sports session.
Only fill this out if you have any specific requests.