Parachuute Safety Policy


The following summarises our safety policies. Additional information relating to making the use of Parachuute a success can be found in our FAQ. This spans questions such as how to make sure important information about your child are communicated in requests to your trusted network. 

a)       Parachuute is committed to the safety of children and the purpose of the App is to enable arrangements between people who already know and trust each other.  Parachuute is not intended for use between strangers or as a tool for finding strangers to help with your kids.

b)     Members should not rely solely on the App when determining that your children are safe. You should supplement any arrangements with face-to-face or other communications to ensure your children are safe.

c)       Parachuute does not validate, vet, screen or recommend Helpers or provide any warranty as to their suitability as carers for your children. You remain wholly responsible for deciding whether a particular Helper is appropriate.

d)      Helpers are expected to be helping in a car-pooling (or equivalent) arrangement with their own children participating. 

e)      Requesters and Helpers agree to make themselves reasonably available by phone during a scheduled booking so that they may contact each other in the event of an emergency.

f)      If you are experiencing problems with a Member that you don't feel can be resolved, you are able to cancel any bookings you have with them and no longer include them in any subsequent arrangements.