St Andrews carpooling - everything you need to know!

Why the Parachuute app?

  • We chose a solution that meets school privacy requirements & keeps trust at the centre of any arrangement

  • Parents set up their own trusted network sourced from people they know at school, & any other parents in the same year level who have opted into carpooling

  • You can also use the app to coordinate driving for extracurricular activities

Why carpooling?

  • Better for the environment

  • Improved safety at pickup/drop-off

  • Gives parents some time back in their busy week

  • Builds community amongst parents & kids

  • Less cars means we can spend money on important things for our school, not car parks

How to get started

  • Download the app & register

  • Parachuute uses a points system which are exchanged for favours - like a good karma currency

  • You will initially have a 5 point balance but St Andrews parents will be topped up to 20 points (please allow until the next day)

Gather your gang & get carpooling

  • Create your trusted network by adding parents from your contact list into the app.

  • To broaden your network register your details on the Parent Portal. You can use this to search for parents from your year level who live close to you, and then connect with them to see if you are comfortable setting up a carpool arrangement

  • Send requests for help, or offer up your spare seats to others

  • Reminders, notifications & maps are all built into the app

  • Instructional videos & FAQ can be found here

Any questions or feedback welcome to / 0447 372 398